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Big, Big City

Phew, I finally (meaning good enough for now) finished mixing “Big, Big City” (the first song of the album for my musical BUMS!). My goal was to have every track completely mixed and ready to go by two Saturdays ago. Of course, reality has its own time table. I would love any comments.

Download Orchestral Music

Download professional orchestrations and instrumental tracks by composer Stephen Gashler for your movies, video games, plays, or other projects. All tracks are 100% free to use (including royalty free) for any purpose whatsoever. All that's asked is that you give credit where credit is due (and tell your friends about this awesome free resource). If you would like Stephen Gashler to score your next project, contact him for a free quote.


Jane and Sue
Super Goat
Queen of the Flies
Washing Machine
Buffalo Wings
The Devil Went Down to Deleware
Edward's Dream
Edward and Rhubarbara's Dream
The Book of Life
Brutes Throwing Rocks at Each Other
Rhubarbara's Dream


Half-eaten Burger
Love, Love, True Love
The Kingdom of the Dwarves
I Like Myself


I've Got Magical Powers


Hopeless Romantic
Strolling through Town
Forget About It
The Kingdom of the Dwarves
Boring, Serious Business Man
Big, Big City
Edward Versus the World


Runner in the Rain
Half-eaten Burger
I Like Myself


Endless Night Instrumentals
The Wisdom of Weck