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Aliens cause apocalyatpic tsunami – I sue Teresa for not loving me

Last night I dreamed that an alien fleet was hovering over the earth. Looking up at the evening sky, I could see them, a strange grid, high above. They fired a terrible blow at the earth, which caused the tsunami of all tsunamis. In the distance, I could see a giant wall of water heading toward me, threatening to put and end to all civilization. But then earth fired back at the aliens, destroying them all in one blow, and inexplicably, the wall of water turned into a harmless mist. It’s nice that, at least in the dream world, I’m immortal.

Teresa dreamed that I took her to court, suing her for “not loving me enough”. For evidence of this, the prosecuting attorney presented a video of cheese casserole, saying, “Clearly there’s not enough cheese. If she really loved him, there would be more cheese.” Teresa rebutted with, “We ran out of cheese.” To which he replied, “If you really loved him, you would have gone out and bought some more cheese.” This dream was very distressing to Teresa.

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