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Ariah gets a moustache

I came home from work, and Ariah greeted me at the door with eye liner all over her face. Earlier in the day, Ariah had walked in to our bedroom where Teresa was, saying, “I need to see the mirror.” Her face was covered in permanent marker. Not only that, but she had drawn all over our coffee table with permanent marker. Teresa scrubbed Ariah and the table clean, thoroughly scolding Ariah, but then she felt bad. After all, Ariah was just trying to be artistic, so she let Ariah have another go at her face with eye liner, stating that it’s okay to draw on one’s face with make up. Ariah’s key motivation was to get a moustache. I saw a picture of the table before Teresa scrubbed it and the our table now, with half-faded Ariah-drawn people, and we both agree that it would have looked nicer if Teresa wouldn’t have scrubbed it. They’re quite nice marker people, giving wonderful life to an otherwise boring coffee table.

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