Prisoner of the Molepeople


Going down … way down

When the royal messenger of the legendary molepeople pops out of the earth, sixteen-year-old Ann isn’t about to follow the creepy, little guy into his burrow, even if he does promise a fantastic, new world beneath their feet. Then suddenly the moleman is dragged underground by an unseen monster, and Ann reluctantly plunges into the darkness to save him. But when there turns out to be no monster in sight, and the cunning moleman blows up the way back with a stick of dynamite, Ann realizes too late that she’s been kidnapped.

Enter the wacky world of Molemania

Finding herself in a dangerous metropolitan city fueled by stolen power and corrupt politicians, Ann longs to see the light of day again, but a smitten Prince Duthbert, the very face of geeky evil, won’t keep his claws off her. In an attempt to escape, Ann is forced to make friends with two oversized German bodybuilders, an old queen who writes techno music, a mystical sage, and a team of bums. Confronting fiery infernos, sinister priests, and gargantuan monsters, every step Ann takes is a step downward until she discovers the dark secrets of the legendary under-underworld, where not even molepeople have set foot.

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