BUMS! the Musical



“I could go on and on about the other actors and their comedic prowess, but suffice it to say the show was well cast. … I left the theater smiling and hungry for more original pieces like this one. … It’s exciting to see theatre written and produced by local playwrights, and Stephen Gashler shows all the promise of a truly great artist” (Utah Theatre Bloggers).

“The strengths of this show were the … energy and movement and the fun story. The music, too, by Gashler, was fresh and fun. … You won’t be disappointed when you go see this production. Because this is a world premiere of a brand new show, I can’t stress enough my suggestion that you see this family-friendly fun show” (Front Row Reviewers Utah).

“The play was lots of fun with many laugh out loud moments and catchy songs and energetic dancing” (Valerie’s Attempt at Pondering).

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In the rip-roaring 1920’s, a daydreaming businessman named Edward feels trapped amid the hustle and bustle of city life. Inspired by the example of Dirty Dan, the self-proclaimed “king of the bums”, Edward wants to forsake the rat race, but going against the grain brings on the resistance of his fiancee, his family, the corporate world, and a political machine. Why won’t society just let him be a bum?

Production History

BUMS! the Musical was first produced at the Echo Theater in Provo, Utah in 2015, from September 17th – Oct 3rd. It was directed by Adam Cannon.


(Courtesy of Lucas Henry)

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