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The Benevolance of Grandmas

giotto_angelAfter Teresa and I returned from a lovely excursion in St. George, we went to pick up our children from Grammy and Gramps, whom we were shamelessly exploiting for their free babysitting services. Upon our arrival, Grammy did the following:

  1. Fed us a gourmet lunch
  2. Presented both girls with new pairs of shoes
  3. Gave Teresa 1 shirt and 2 dresses that allegedly didn’t fit herself … allegedly
  4. Gave us a container full of sugar cookies
  5. Gave us frosting and sprinkles for the sugar cookies
  6. Gave us three hot shortbread cakes, fresh out of the oven
  7. Gave us strawberries and a container of whipping cream for the cakes
  8. Gave us the rest of the cake batter so that we could make more at home
  9. Helped us carry it all to the car
  10. Waved us goodbye until we were completely out of site

How could anyone not love such a woman? Posterity will need to remember their Grandma Gashler.

One thought on “The Benevolance of Grandmas

  1. Yea for grandmas and mother in laws!

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