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Both Angel and Crook

I don’t know who wrote the following poem (I’m guessing a relative of Teresa). I found it on an old piece of paper in feminine-looking, cursive ink. In trying to de-clutter my house, I didn’t have the heart to throw it away without first transcribing.

“Believe and be saved, and rise from the dead.
Through grace we are saved from sin and from hell.
So, simply believe and all will be well.”

The minister continued to read from the book
How all could be saved, both angel and crook.
When all was said the church recessed.
The money collected and everyone blessed.

The minister retired to his spacious home,
In his humble Mercedes, everything in chrome.
He went to his study, his thoughts running deep.
He dozed for a moment and died in his sleep.

He ran to St. Peter, wearing a grin.
“I believe in the Savior, so please let me in.”
“Oh no, not another,” said Peter with a sigh.
“Statan’s sure working, the toll’s runnig high.”

The minister looked puzzled for a moment,
Then saw in a flash
The plan of Salvation,
From beginning to last.

Believing is nothing if nothing is done.
In getting to heaven you must follow the Son.
To follow a leader, you must do what is said.
Faith without works is nothing but dead.

Satan knows Jesus, believes in Him too.
So what is the difference between Satan and you?
Believe in the Savior, but always recall:
Faith is Important but sure isn’t all.

3 thoughts on “Both Angel and Crook

  1. This poem is grand!

  2. Wes Stephenson wrote this along with others

    1. Thanks for letting me know!

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