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Busting out tunes

In preparing for our Valentines concert, which has consumed all my time, so far I’ve remixed a medley of the themes from The Bent Sword, I created a remix and wrote lyrics for my theme from “Queen of the Flies”, I’ve written a new song called “Endless Night”, I’ve remixed and recorded my song “Still in Heaven”, I’ve recorded a song that’s been in my head for a couple of years now called “Sylvester Stallone”, I’ve remixed and recorded my song “I’ve Got Magical Powers”, I’ve practiced my shawm, and I’m well under way in creating us a new website. And there’s still so very much more to do. And now I’m really tired.

One thought on “Busting out tunes

  1. You’re awesome, Steve! Thank you so much for doing this and for working so hard. I’m very excited to hear your music!

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