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Career Crossroads

I’m facing one of those awkward crossroads in my life where I’m having to choose between taking a job that will make me lots of money or taking a job that will come as a slight cut to my current salary but enable me to pursue my passions. The casual reader might say, “Life’s too short. Go with B.” But perhaps this reader doesn’t have debts to pay off and four mouths to feed. The thing is, with Job A, I could get relatively rich within a few years, pay off all my debts, amass lots of savings, and then have the financial foundation with which to free my schedule and pursue my passions. Speaking optimistically. With Job B, though I’d make less, the work itself is much more inline with my passions, and I’d a have a lot more free time with which to pursue my passions. My fears are that with Job A, I might lose my passion, and with Job B, I might lose the financial freedom that enables me to pursue my passions. What I fear the most is that I’m not really that passionate about my passions, as the side effects of Job Z (my current job throug which I’ve already sold out to the man) have already sucked me dry.

2 thoughts on “Career Crossroads

  1. Sounds like it’s time for a Rocky workout montage.

    Are you going paleo?

  2. I did take some “before” pictures, so hopefully there will be a montage.

    According to my understanding, the paleo diet bans grains, so no.

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