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Tonight I finished another draft of Prisoner of the Molepeople. Finally.

Being in Hello Dolly with Teresa is fun. Theatre is addicting. It gives you a sense of fulfillment, belonging, sociality, fame, and fun. Lots of the new friends we’ve made audition for play after play after play, often with no down time. Were it not for the difficulty of finding babysitters every night, Teresa and I might fall into that trap.

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I use my flying powers to desecrate a church

Last night I not only dreamed that I could fly but that I was a naughty little boy. I flew into an old Christian church and proceeded to overturn┬ácandelabras, throw down crucifixes, hurl hymn books, and cause as much damage as possible. Meanwhile, the two old ladies from the movie Babbette’s Feast humbly cleaned up after me.

I think this dream was inspired by my wishing to fly as I’ve roamed around the stage of the Scera theater during play practice for Hello Dolly. Theater’s often instill within me a desire to fly, what with their high roofs, fly systems, and so many fun things to play with for flying people. Some day.

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We have a mouse

There’s a mouse in our kitchen. We hear him crawling through the walls and ceiling, working away in his secret laboratories. At one an exterminator came over, and he gave us mouse traps and offered a blood-thinning poison, which we politely declined. Since becoming girly vegetable people, we haven’t been able to bring ourselves to kill the little guy. Sometimes we see him poke out his little head from beneath the fridge, and he’s so cute. Once I caught him with a live trap, my very own creation. We put him into a tall bin, planning to take him to new home in the morning. But alas, when the morning came, he’d found the supernatural strength to jump out of the bin and had gone back to his lair. Sometimes we’ve come to peace with him, considering him our pet, even part of the family. Other times we think, “Mice carry disease! We’re all going to die!” We equals Teresa. And so we roll uneventfully on, coexisting, feeling guilty, building an occasional trap but having it come to naught.

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Kids are cool

Catching up on life … last Saturday was a much needed day-o-fun for Teresa and I. We got my parents to take the kids for most of the day while we hit up the last day of LTUE, ate out, gorged on junk food, had quality together time, and saw a play with friends. After picking up our kids and driving home, I couldn’t help but glance back at the sleeping girls and admire them. Kids are cool when you don’t have to deal with them.

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Well, I’m no longer cramming to finish an album or prepare for a concert, so I no longer have an excuse for not writing posts. The coolest thing as of late is that, in just about twenty-four hours since debuting our new music site last night, we’ve gotten over 70 completely unsolicited social media shares. I have no idea who most of these people are. They must actually like us or something.

While the concert on Thursday wasn’t as well attended as we would have hoped, and while we had more technical difficulties than we would have liked, there were, nonetheless, a handful nerdy couples who stayed till the end, digging and dancing to our grooves and making the night a fun experience. I want to thank Berin Stephens and my brother Brian Gashler for joining in with their amazing saxophone and guitar skills. We were able to give away around seventy albums at LTUE. While, in the wake of the stress of cramming for it all, a few of the tracks make me cringe … hey, we’ve got an album, and that ain’t bad. And with lots of people sharing our music on their Facebook walls, we’ve gotten the motivation to refine, remix, and take our skills to the next level. That is a great blessing.

What fun. Life is good. Great thing lie ahead. Callooh callay!

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Sunday thoughts

Some thoughts shared in Stake Conference that I liked were:

When we tell our children what to do and what not to do, we’re essentially telling them how to be like us. When we tell our children stories, we depict principles and ideals in their minds, giving them a basis from which they can choose for themselves what kind of people they want to be.

It’s not only a bad idea to judge other people, it’s insane, because only the person and God know all the information by which the person can be adequately judged, so whatever judgment we make will inevitably be based on assumptions and therefore inadequate.

If your children were to write your obituary right now, what would they write? What memories would they have about you? How would they typically imagine you? What examples did you show them? What principles have you instilled within them? How will their lives be forever affected because of you?


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Busting out tunes

In preparing for our Valentines concert, which has consumed all my time, so far I’ve remixed a medley of the themes from The Bent Sword, I created a remix and wrote lyrics for my theme from “Queen of the Flies”, I’ve written a new song called “Endless Night”, I’ve remixed and recorded my song “Still in Heaven”, I’ve recorded a song that’s been in my head for a couple of years now called “Sylvester Stallone”, I’ve remixed and recorded my song “I’ve Got Magical Powers”, I’ve practiced my shawm, and I’m well under way in creating us a new website. And there’s still so very much more to do. And now I’m really tired.

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Planet Xenon

For my singing time in primary, I taught the children the words to “My Heavenly Father Loves Me.” I had children hold props that represented the words. One held a bird puppet for “the song of the bird”, one was wrapped in a blue blanket and had a cool blue dinosaur mask in order to become “the blue, blue sky”. One had to squirt herself in the face with a squirt gun in order to “feel the rain on my face.” One blew through a shawm (medieval oboe) to become “the wind in my face.” The only problem was, I couldn’t find a globe for “I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world.” So I brought a yellow ball, intending to explain that while the earth is blue, the planet Xenon is yellow, and the children on Xenon are also thankful that Heavenly Father created their beautiful world. This was not without its controversy as far as Teresa was concerned. Unfortunately, one of the primary presidency happened to bring a globe, so there was no planet Xenon.