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Caucus night!

Tonight we went to the Republic caucus meeting at the local junior high school. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to participate, because, well, we have children, and I wanted Teresa to have the experience. The rundown I got from Teresa, though, is that no one really knows what any of the local issues are. Everyone has, essentially, the same values, and so, unfortunately, the majority of the meetings was potential delegates bantering on about the same thing, “These are my conservative principles … I don’t really know anything about what’s going on, but, what the heck, this sounds like fun.” Alas, Teresa and I had to admit we’re just as ignorant. Who wants to read up on politics?

On the other hand, during the long hours, Ariah, Aspen and I went on an exciting quest, meeting strange robots, solving riddles, deactivating laser beam force fields, and breaking the spells of many sleeping princess through kisses.

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