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Checkout My New Podcast – the Stephen Gashler Show

I interview the prolific Ann Hunter, the author of the upcoming North Oak series (and many other books). She shares some invaluable advice for promoting your books through Wattpad. Also, I reveal my quest to usher in a new era of chivalry for the twenty-first century … and meet some opposition.

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3 thoughts on “Checkout My New Podcast – the Stephen Gashler Show

  1. Well done sire Stephen. You are making you make your king proud! I knew it was a good idea to make you my royal recruiter of wizards of dream magic.

  2. North Oak sounds awesome! I’ve been reading A Piece of Sky and have been enjoying it. I’ll have to put Born to Run on my to read list!

    I guess you’re OK too, Steve :p Though, I don’t know if you stand a chance against Nefi.

  3. Ann Hunter’s novels sound very interesting! And an inspiring story. You can tell she loves her work.

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