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My Dream Goes to the Gutter

These last few months have been a pleasure as I’ve watched my dream go to the gutters on the Echo Theatre stage in Provo, Utah. That was a figure of speech. There’s not actually any gutters on the set, though as you can see from these photos of our Saturday night show, the scenes I envisioned of dirty buildings, period costumes, dirty streets, smelly bums, and beautiful faces has now taken shape. (Photos by Lucas Henry)

Thanks to everyone who’s helped bring this production to life. So far it’s gotten a good review at Front Row Reviewers Utah. “The strengths of this show were the mostly believable New Yahk accents, the energy and movement and the fun story. The music, too, by Gashler, was fresh and fun. … You won’t be disappointed when you go see this production. Because this is a world premiere of a brand new show, I can’t stress enough my suggestion that you see this family-friendly fun show” (

On Thursday, our opening night, we had a full house, and I’ve only heard praise from the audience. The show runs until Oct – 3 (you can purchase tickets and get all the details here). Mention my name to get $2.00 off up to two tickets per group.

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