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Driving the Speed Limit is Morally Wrong and Illegal

I’ve come to this conclusion while commuting to and from work each day. First of all, no one goes the speed limit except old people, trailers, and people having car problems. While what’s popular is no way to determine morality, how can morality be determined other than by an action’s consequence for good or bad? And when driving the speed limit in an environment where most people are going at least ten miles over, you’re (1) making other people upset, (2) inconveniencing others and forcing them to move around you, and (3) thus increasing risk. My wife argues that the morally right thing to do is to simply stay in the right lane with the trailers and old people and let the speeders have the rest of the lanes. But (1) this is boring and dumb, (2) it results in more time on the road and less time with one’s family, and (3) if this is the only way to be legal, safe, and a good neighbor, then what on earth are the rest of the lanes for? You couldn’t possibly go the speed limit in the fast lane. This would even make police angry (who, by the way, always go at least five miles over the speed limit, usually ten). You’d hold back traffic, making others late for work. If just a few others were to catch your vision and do the same, you could cause traffic jams. For the freeways to properly function, either nearly everyone must go the speed limit, or nearly everyone must speed. The reality is B. What good is an idealist who’s convinced he’s doing the world a favor when in reality he’s inconvening, endangering, and enraging everyone around him? There’s no morality in that. The true speed limit is the written law plus five to ten miles. Anything less than this is unethical and, by the spirit of the law, illegal.

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  1. As someone who had very similar experiences growing up I was also very sensitive about bring called weird. While I was dating my wife she would, on occasion, call me weird. After she did this a couple times I asked her why she thought it was okay to say this. Her response was that she, along with most of her friends, had never really considered”weird” to be a serious insult. More just harmless flirting. I’m not sure if this applies specifically to my wife, or if the different genders do view that word differently.

    1. Come to think of it, it has usually been females …

  2. oh no, wrong thread. That’s what I get for posting something from my phone.

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