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Feng Shui

I checked out a documentary on Feng Sui, because our house is a mess, and I thought we could learn something about cleanliness from Chinese mystics. This is the bagua, a tool in Feng Shui that’s superimposed over a floor layout to determine how one’s home measures up to an ideal qi flow:


Depending on whether your front door is on the left, center, or right side of your house, it will always fall under the “knowledge”, “career”, or “helpful people” section. Our upstairs bathroom falls in the wealth section. According to the documentary, this means that we’re symbolically flushing our wealth down the toilet. Which would explain a lot of things. Another disappointing realization is that our our dilapidated deck of terror falls in the marriage section, which means that our marriage is dilapidated and terrible. I had no idea!

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