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From telestial to terrestrial

I have so many great thoughts during the day, and I often think, “I need to write a post on that.” Then the nightly ritual comes, and I’m so exhausted, I don’t want to write anything, let alone expound upon the mysteries of the human spirit. But I’ll force myself to share one thought. Teresa and I went to the temple tonight. We had a discussion that started with me saying, “What if heaven really is nothing but an extension of this life, but we live like gods because we’ve learned that nothing else makes sense?” This world is the telestial kingdom, but it will also become the terrestrial kingdom, in which we will live as mortals. I’ve stated my opinion as of late that this is already happening. We are entering the millennium as the world is abolishing its wars and establishing higher, better, more godly ways of life for all. Of course, it’s not happening all at once. There’s wheat and there’s tares. But more significantly than the earth’s transformation is our personal transformations. That’s what’s cool about Mormonism. It’s all about the individual. The temple ceremony isn’t about listening to magical words and adding an occasional “amen” but about personal concentration, education, and revelation. We’re commanded to abstain from light-mindedness, meaning we’re not allowed to make it a dead ritual. We’re not allowed to zone off and hope tradition will somehow justify us. But I digress. My point is that our lives can be telestial. But they can also be terrestrial. We can make our homes heaven on earth, and I mean that about as literally as heaven gets. The celestial experience, I think, is something that cannot be realized until after we’ve experienced death.

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