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1. And it came to pass that I did laugh, yea, even unto exceeding laughter.

2. And they said unto me, Wherefore laughest though?

3. And I said unto them, Behold, I do laugh at this great funniness, even to exceed all other funinesses.

4. And they murmured amongst themselves saying, Do we not know that he doth laugh at us? Therefore let us slay him.

5. And I said unto them, Wherefore think ye evil? Behold, if thou hadst partaken of this exceeding funniness, though wouldst also laugh like unto myself.

6. And they said therefore, Show us this great funniness, and behold, we shall laugh.

7. And I said unto them, Nay, for I cannot show it, neither can I tell it. But if thou hadst been there, though wouldst know of this great funniness, and thou wouldst also laugh.

8. And now I do make an end of this record, for thou canst not comprehend this great funiness, yea, a funniness that doth exceed all other funinesses. Therefore shall I speak no more of this funniness at this time. Amen.

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