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Gashler stubbornness

It’s amazing how stubborn my three-year-old daughter Ariah is. She’s very firm in setting her terms, like tonight when it was time to put her to bed. She said, “I just want to brush my teeth and that’s it.” She repeated her conditions again and again, furious that I said nothing in response. I brushed her teeth, then said, “It’s time to go potty.” She through a furious fit and has been doing so for the last twenty minutes, a well known tradition. Of course we can’t give in to her tantrums, but at the same time, she can’t give in to our authoritarian tactics. It’s almost as if she’s ironically learning everything we want her to learn. “Just say ‘I’m done’ ” we say, but she will not. She cannot. She utterly refuses. She continues to scream her terms, “I just want to brush my teeth and that’s it!” To say “I’m done” would acknowledge the fact that she’s gone potty. Once again, I hope she’ll learn to use her Gashler stubbornness for good.

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