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I learn an age-old lesson

Tonight we went to the City Creek mall, temple square, the children’s section of the Museum of Church History, and the Vertical Diner (delicious vegan restaurant). We’ve eaten out four times in the last week. Not good for our finances. But then, it’s not very often I get a five day weekend. It sure went by fast. My whole life could pass by in a blur as a stay-at-home dad. Though it’s good for me. It may sound trite, but last night it hit me how important family really is, that no sense of career accomplishment can ever compare to it. It’s nice to walk with giants and carve our niches on the edifice of time, but after the work day is over, we’re really not ourselves until we’re with our closest friends and family. And I guess that’s what life is really all about: just hanging out with the people with whom we feel most ourselves. It was occurring to me that when I hit forty, I’m inevitably going to have a midlife crisis. Then, with my best years behind me, I’ll progressively get weaker and more senile until I wither away and die. I’m so glad I have my Teresa to lean on through it all. The thought of approaching the horrors of life’s long and dreary road alone seems — at least lately —  unbearable. I no longer require fame and fortune. All I really want in life is to have a happy family life. Really.

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