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I'm weird

Today while I was leading the primary in songs, a loud-mouthed girl said to me out of the blue, “You’re weird!” disrupting the whole primary. She repeated the accusation several times until the primary president took her aside. I really don’t know what I did to provoke that statement. It reminded me of my upbringing and all the times I’d heard those exact words directed at me. At every school I went to, with nearly every new group of people I met, I almost always heard those two words, and I always wondered what I’d done to provoke them. They seemed to follow me every I went, actually getting ahead of me so that I never had a chance to be anything but “weird”. What I want to know is who the “normal” people are.

When I went to pick up my one-year-old from nursery, I crouched down and extended my hands so that she could run into them. To my surprise, the very girl who had antagonized me ran into my arms instead, simultaneously hugging me and reminding me of my weird status. Weird.

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