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Joseph Smith, Volume 1: Plates of Gold

I did not want to watch this movie. I felt that I’d seen enough Joseph Smith films. But my mom had given me a copy, and it had been collecting dust for months. Only upon the occasion of a sick wife who needed to unwind and wanted company, and with our very limited supply of DVD’s, and it being a Sunday, did I consent to pop this in. Boy was I glad I did. I absolutely adored this thoughtful treatment of the life of Joseph Smith. It wasn’t forceful, it wasn’t overly appologetic, and (perhaps to my biggest surprise) it wasn’t boring. It painted a Joseph Smith who mas more real than I’d ever seen depicted, while refraining from indulging in “pointless drama”, nailing the majestic spirit of the great man and his work. I loved the fearless treatments of less common facts from his history. At the same time, I thought the liberties taken for the sake of the narrative and its characters were tastesful and wise. I was inispired by the honest depiction of Joseph Smith’s humility and courage, and, honestly, I feel strengthened in my faith. I definitely recommend this film to anyone, LDS or not, wanting to learn more about the life of Joseph Smith. It’s not didactic in any way and can only give further light to this great historical figure. I definitely want to see more Christian Vuisa films. I’m a fan of his thoughtful, naturaly-paced, non-in-your-face, film making.

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