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Marrieds need to laugh

Tonight Teresa and I were on a date, and it occurred to me that married people’s dates are generally second rate because the dates lack laughter. We don’t do the silly things we did when we were in high school, because we have an increased sense of decency, and the world around us isn’t as novel. We don’t feel as inclined to transcend our comfort zones and try new things. As a result, we don’t laugh as much, and we don’t feel the high that follows Friday night laughter. So we made a pact that we would be silly, come what may. We walked across an intersection on our hands and knees. We stopped at an outdoor rock concert and danced like there was no tomorrow. On a whim, we followed a sign that read “Fine Art and Fine Cheeses Party.” We enjoyed both. We attended an event in a parking lot where people were playing polo on bicycles. It was all good, silly fun, most out of the ordinary, and filled with laughs.

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