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Money corrupts

I’ve been thinking about the digressing state of our nation and the fingers of blame that are pointed from both sides of the aisle. One side argues that money corrupts. It corrupts those in power, such as the heads of corporations. These twisted fat cats selfishly hoard our nation’s resources, abusing the poor. The other side also argues that money corrupts. They also argue that it corrupts those in power. It corrupts government officials and bureaucracies who are swayed by lobbyists. Its cushy and powerful nature promotes a focus on immediate “needs” and wants, inspiring reckless spending and delaying of inevitable consequences. Maybe both sides are onto something. Maybe money corrupts. Maybe it corrupts everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Could poor people possibly be corrupted by money? When there’s a financial incentive, could a desperate person be inclined to do something he wouldn’t otherwise do? Could a poor person who’s simply given money possibly be corrupted by reaping what he hasn’t sewn? And if everyone’s just inclined to be corrupted by money, could there not possibly be something also corrupt in a corrupt government official taking money from a corrupt corporate executive, and giving it to a corrupt poor person?

What if it was utterly corrupt for anyone, in any position, to declare any stewardship over anyone’s money but his own? And if the masses followed this principle, where would our nation be?

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  1. Possession of money or love of money? See 1 Tim 6:10.

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