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My companion and I home taught four families today. With each one I was impressed at how beautiful their homes were, most of them smaller than mine, though much nicer. Clean and orderly, featuring beautiful pictures and religious art, all in all, like temples. The people were equally beautiful. Mormons. I love how they shine. I love their intelligence. I love their wilful surrender to lives of faith. Sometimes when I look at the saints around me, I feel like I’m just skimming the surface, going through the motions, an entry-level Mormon who’s still partly blinded by the lies of the hippie movement. How wonderful it is to meet genuinely cool people with clean-cut hair, glorious homes, and profound investments in life. It makes me wanna … take a shower.

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  1. Don’t become too pristine. For how will you convert the vagabond if he can not see himself ever becoming clean when you are too clean for his imagination.

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