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Mothers day – gasoline and grass clippings

This morning we threw a breakfast for my mom at our house. We had a video chat with Brian on his mission in Switzerland. The Swiss family he was with laughed when I told them “Ich will deine nase essen.” After church, Ariah and I performed a skit of Teresa’s life, and we awarded her with a $50 gift certificate to Hobby Lobby, penned by yours truly. We had dinner with the Peavlers, each kid performing in a talent show for Mama Peavler. I took an old song by Ernie K. Doe called “Mother-in-Law”, a song about how much the singer hates his mother-in-law, and I inverted the meanings, performing with Teresa and Heather as backup singers.

Yesterday I purchased my first lawnmower. There’s something coming-of-age about mowing your own lawn for the first time. At Lowe’s, for a long time I contemplated between a battery-powered lawnmower and a traditional gas-powered lawnmower. In the end, I went with the gas engine, not only because it was a few hundred dollars cheaper, but because this is the way it’s done. You’re not a true dad if you don’t occasionally cover yourself in the smells of gasoline and grass clippings.

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