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Music Video #10 – “Death Cannot Stop Us”

Let’s hear it for 10 videos in 10 weeks! This one was our most challenging; first because it was freezing cold; second because our five-year-old daughter overhead that we’d be demolishing the snowman, which she vehemently protested a la Fern saving Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web. To make peace, I had to promise to leave the snowman better than I found it, which was no easy task, because the awful thing had devolved into a massive hunk of ice. Third, the guitar solo was too hard for me to present on video, so we did the only other logical thing: a dinosaur battle. Of course, our daughters insisted on their turns at roaring in front of the camera. Fourth, what with all the goings on this week, we didn’t even get to recording the music until late in the day on Saturday, so completing the video before our self-imposed deadline was a real push. But I’m proud to say that I applied the last touch at 11:59 PM. Thus we’ve upheld our record, which is what it’s all about. I mean, the deadline is our life line. I know from too much experience that if we miss one goal, we’ll set off a chain reaction of procrastination and justification until we’ve rationalized ourselves into oblivion.

As for the content, this one also comes from our Halloween musical TAKE MY DEATH AWAY, inspired by the guitar riffs of my friend Curtis Wiederhold. We’re actually singing the lines of four different characters, hence the contradiction of themes. Thus I chose to make the visuals equally nonsensical, because I’m of the strong opinion that, as demonstrated by the entertainment industry, logic has no place in either songwriting or music videos. Do you agree?

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