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There Will Be Clowns at My Funeral

I just want to take this time to record and proclaim to the world that Teresa Ann Gashler, who is none other than my wife, positively affirmed to me, in the presence of my parents as witnesses, the reality of a solemn pact she made with me on a prior occasion. This pact was an absolute promise without any loop holes, made in the best of faith, committing to fulfil the complete spirit as well as the letter of the agreement, and sealed with a handshake between husband and wife, that if die before she does, my funeral will be graced by the presence of entertaining clowns, and an official musical number of “Sabre Dance” by Aram Khachaturian.

4 thoughts on “There Will Be Clowns at My Funeral

  1. What a cool thing to have at a funeral! (Although this secret dealing your wife talks about seems odd)
    This reminds me of a clown funeral, where all the pall-bearers dress as clowns to remember the dead. Ever since I found, I have been searching everywhere for this kind of stuff, because their stuff is so interesting and I want to plan an awesome funeral too!
    Hope you don’t mind the balloon animals at yours 😉

  2. Westerners’ fear of the subject of death is nothing short of superstitious. Which is terribly ironic for Christendom, because we’re all about the immortality of the soul, which really makes death a greater occasion to celebrate than birth. Perhaps balloon animals are the cure.

    1. I wish you would of remember this post on Saturday when I was trying to tell you exactly that. Poor quality of living (say during the holocaust) can outright the value of life.

      1. I know what you’re saying. Our divergence of opinion was on whether or not, as mortals, we hold the right to declare whether or not a poor quality of living outweighs living at all.

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