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My review of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

I’m about two-thirds into Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. While I think the novel has a lot of good things going for it, I think the book needs to be rewritten. And why not? Movies are remade all the time, so why not books? Maybe I’ll do it someday. Rather than a nineteenth century protagonist who takes nearly the entire book to explain to the reader that he’s morally opposed to the concept of the monster he created, my protagonist would have no problems with playing God. And rather than taking a great idea and demonizing it, just like Jurassic Park did, my protagonist would be willing to work through the problems he creates. He would find incredible satisfaction in actually bringing a zombie to life, looking past the outward horror, tutoring the poor creature and treating him like a father. He wouldn’t run away and pretend he never made the “monster”. In fact, the term “monster” would be utterly eradicated from the book. In fact, cut the story altogether. I would write a treatise on the goodness and necessity of playing God through Frakenstein-like experiments, and it would be beautiful.

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