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My routine

I think I’ve developed a pretty good workout. Formerly I was plateauing, unable to bench more than 205. Wanting to build, not tone, I was doing multiple sets of four or five reps of very heavy weights, as opposed to more like ten reps with less heavy weights. The problem was that when I reached four or five, I couldn’t lift any more, so I stopped and rested. What I realized is that I could have the best of both worlds by doing a pyramid with each set. After I reach my limit, I quickly take off a few weights, then keep lifting until I can’t lift anymore, then repeat the process until I’ve done about ten reps and am totally spent. At the end of it all, I think my muscles are getting much more burn than I’d get otherwise, and I’ve found that I’m lifting more. Hopefully I’m burning more fat and getting toned as well. Too early to say for sure.

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