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My sphere

Tonight Teresa and I had to say goodbye to my older brother’s family. They’re moving to the other side of the country. It sounds trite, but I really hate goodbyes, so we kept them to a minimum. As I think about it now, though my brother’s family will be missed, there’s nothing terribly sad about it. When it comes to friends and family, even the closest of such, any relationship short of marriage will eventually come to a dead end in certain dimensions. I can’t hold onto my siblings forever, I can’t certainly can’t hold onto my friends forever, and I can’t even hold onto my children forever. Of course, we can all interact with one another to limited degrees throughout the annals of time, but I know it’s all secondary compared to the ongoing and infinitely deep relationship I can nurture with my wife. I’m glad my brother’s branching out and building his sphere. More than any test, I think, life is a place where we’re given resources and an opportunity to build our own spheres. Rather than wishing and waiting for love and brotherhood, we just need to find a creative partner and craft our own bonds, our own systems and laws, our own customs, national anthems, and worlds.

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