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New Query for Prisoner of the Molepeople

I’ve been rejected from almost every agency and publisher I’ve submitted to, so I decided it was time to write a new query. Here’s the new version:

Sixteen-year-old Ann probably shouldn’t have followed the dirty moleman into his hole, but after he blows up the entrance with a stick of dynamite, she can only go one direction: down.

Finding herself in the dangerous world of Molemania, a metropolitan city fueled by stolen power and corrupt politicians, Ann makes friends with two oversized German women, an old queen who writes techno, a mystical sage, and a team of bums. She longs to see the light of day again, but a smitten Prince Duthbert, the very face of geeky evil, isn’t about to let her go. Confronting fiery infernos, sinister priests, and gargantuan monsters, Ann must defend her friends, her faith, and everything she thought was real. But every step she takes is a step downward until she discovers the dark secrets of the legendary under-underworld, where not even moleopeople have set foot. Learning the truth about Duthbert’s sinister plot, Ann must not only save herself from a shotgun wedding but save humanity from an inter-world consipracy.

PRISONER OF THE MOLEPEOPLE (90,000 words) is an urban fantasy / comedy for a Young Adult audience. I am the author and illustrator of the Whitney Award nomination THE BENT SWORD, published by Cedar Fort Inc in 2010. I’m also a film maker, puppeteer, and action hero. I invite you to enter the wacky world of Molemania, where up is down, light is dark, and nothing is as it appears.

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