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Our vacation

So for my week long vacation from work last week, Teresa surprised me by taking me up to Bear Lake, having her parents babysit our kids for two days. We went paddle boating for a few hours. It was wonderful to be alone on the water with my dear, darling wife, planning out our lives. We came to the conclusion that ultimately our goals are nothing more than to serve in the Church, however we can best do that. Then we’ll be happy to die. No worldly ambition or wealth can substitute.

That night we went a very expensive hotel with a safari-themed room. We ate gormet food, played gormet video games, enjoyed a game of gormet pool, sat in a gormet hot tub, and enjoyed such gormet entertainment as Superman 3, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Japanese Game Shows, and Chopped on the Cooking Network. TV is one of the novelties of hotels for us, because we normally don’t watch it at all. It was a magical time.

The next morning we tried to go to a cave in Idaho, but after driving all the way up the mountain, we realized we didn’t have cash or a check book, so we couldn’t take the tour. Instead we just drove home while playing extemporaneous role playing games and asking each other difficult hypothetical situations, one of my favorite passtimes.

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