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Please Bless Andrew and His Friends That They Won't Kill Daddy – Clutter is not our friend

Bearing in mind the trauma from our Saturday adventure, for Ariah’s nighttime prayer she said, “Please bless daddy that he won’t get hurt. And please bless Andrew and his friends that they won’t kill daddy.”

Teresa and I are attacking the mounds of clutter in our house. I was throwing away a plastic scrubber, giving it a sentimental eulogy, prepping it for the slow and painful death that awaited it at the garbage dump. Teresa commented that it’s an inanimate thing and that I need not get sentimental, that the Valentine Rabbit, the Brave Little Toaster, and Toy Story have indoctrinated us with damnable heresies. I wonder if she’s right. In fact, I wonder if a sentimental attachment to inanimate things, thinking we’ll offend them by expunging them, is the largest cause of clutter.

One thought on “Please Bless Andrew and His Friends That They Won't Kill Daddy – Clutter is not our friend

  1. Teresa’s words sound quite quotable. 🙂 Nevertheless, I don’t know if she’s right, either. Personally, I think you shouldn’t feel guilty either way, but you just might live a happier life without worrying about the scrubber. Placing undue importance on things might cause issues in the future; at least, if it becomes a habit. There’s context to worry about with repetition under different circumstances.

    Traditions and holidays come partly from sentiment. Not all traditions are good, though, and some are essential.

    Another thing to consider is how the sentiment affects others.

    Anyway, I’m just typing. I’m not trying to be quite as serious as it may appear.

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