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Primary is hilarious

Being a primary teacher is sometimes a great challenge. It’s a challenge not to burst into laughter. Sometimes Teresa slugs me. Other times I get looks from the primary presidency. Like today when the four-year-old boy walked up to the microphone. I instantly laughed, because I knew from past experience that this was the boy who talks way too loud into the microphone and usually ends up laughing, which is contagious. Sure enough, he got up there, deafened our ears with microphone pops, and started laughing. Which made me laugh harder. Seeing the primary president try to keep a straight face only made it funnier. The sad thing is, I also have to be a good example. It’s like having two conflicting commandments.

One thought on “Primary is hilarious

  1. Ha, lived that experience for the past 4 months in CTR 4. I was recently released from this position, but I loved it.

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