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Prisoner of the Molepeople Released

POTMP-cover-blueYou can now purchase my new YA Urban Fantasy novel, Prisoner of the Molepeople, in paperback or Kindle eBook formats from

This book started back in 2006 as a paper-based role-play between Teresa and I on the back of a program at a high school choir concert. By the time the concert was over, the story was just beginning to progress. During a road trip, other friends joined in on the role-play, and together we created a fantastic story within about two hours.

In the years that followed, I wrote down the improvisational game into a short story, which I then turned into an audio play (the first two episodes are done and available from this site, but I never got around to editing the rest), and eventually a novel, which I’ve rewritten about three times since 2011. My writers group helped me transform the story from a somewhat incoherent, psychotic work, to something I’m proud to put my name.

I actually wrapped the project in March of this year and then decided to do absolutely nothing with it for 8 months. Until two days ago. Then I had the thought, “Oh, yeah, I have this novel I spent years on. I should do something with it.” So I designed a cover and published the book on Amazon. A printed version will be available soon.

I hope you like it. I’ve learned over the years that my writing is not for everyone. It definitely appeals more to those with eccentric tastes, a whimsical sense of humor, and a love for the somewhat … well … bizarre. As my theater professor once put it, my stories “come from the left field.”

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