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Prisoner of the Molepeople Query, Take 2

Though Ann is sixteen years old, she can’t break her childhood habit of checking every pool she enters for sharks. Ashamed of her inhibitions, she longs to prove to her danger-loving boyfriend that she has a sense of adventure. This leads her into the mountains, where, alone for the first time in her life, she tries to get in tune with her transcendental side. That’s when a dirty moleman in a yellow spelunking helmet pops out of the ground and invites her to the fantastic world of Molemania, promising the adventure of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, the underground city, powered by stolen electricity and stinking of car exhaust, is less than fantastic, and the Molish prince, taking a forceful interest in Ann, is less than charming. Ann, finding herself trapped in an inter-world conspiracy, must escape from a shotgun marriage to the foulest creature imaginable. But will she be able to confront the impossible and rescue herself, or will she have to swallow her pride and beg her boyfriend to save the day?

Prisoner of the Molepeople, 85,000 words, is an urban fantasy / romantic comedy for a middle grade audience. I am the author and illustrator of the Whitney Award nomination The Bent Sword, another middle grade fantasy published by Cedar Fort Inc in 2010. As one of the biggest fan’s of Daniel Pinkwater (the only guy who can make me giggle like a schoolgirl), I think this imaginative, off-the-wall comedy will be up your alley. In a silly world where down is up, light is dark, and nothing is as it appears, the characters and setting will stand out as anything but cliché.

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