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Prisoner of the Molepeople Synopsis

Ann is less than impressed by the attempts of the slimy Prince Duthbert to woo her. Duthbert, determined to get what he wants, locks her in a dungeon until she agrees to marry him. There Ann, seeing no alternative, chooses the lesser of two evils and writes a shameful distress letter to her boyfriend Lenny.

But perhaps she acted too soon, for using the old noggin, she’s able to persuade Duthbert to let her explore her new kingdom before deciding to “settle down”. Duthbert, granting her three days to make up her mind, assigns two of his bodyguards to accompany her at all times. Ann tries to use her precious time to search for help, but precious few will even talk to the “gentile”.
Days go by, and finding little success, Ann is once again locked in her bedroom, left to await her fate, when she hears someone calling her name. Lenny, coming to the rescue, makes a reckless attempt to storm the palace, but his heroism is short-lived before he’s clubbed over the head and thrown in jail.

The tables are turned. With one more day of “freedom”, Ann finds new hope in the thought of rescuing Lenny (as well as herself). Through cryptic messages and strategic alliances with the enemies of Duthbert, Ann and Lenny ban together to face their impossible odds. But their plans backfire, Ann is forced into marriage, and Lenny is sentenced to burn in the lava pits.

With only hours before the dreaded honeymoon and execution, Bobbert, who brought Ann to Molemania, has a change of heart and helps her discover a way home. Ann refuses to go without Lenny, and she puts everything on the line to take him with her. Meanwhile the forces of Duthbert chase Ann, Lenny, and their few friends, even deeper into the earth, where not even molepeople have set foot. Facing dark powers and incredible monsters, the friends and lovers are put to the ultimate test.

Though Ann is once again captured, and it appears that Lenny is dead, the many souls Ann touched during her brief time in Molemania rise in revolution and crash the wedding reception. To Ann’s surprise, the rebellion is led by Lenny. Though the fall of Duthbert appears imminent, Ann is horrified by the thought of Lenny saving the day. In a final attempt to save herself, she realizes that she’s only making things worse, and it’s time to let go and forget her pride, the cause of all her unhappiness. As fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, a divine power puts an end to the chaos, and the towering statue of Duthbert falls to the ground.

Lenny, seeing Ann in a new light, acknowledges her as the true winner. With Duthbert’s crimes exposed, the people of Molemania beg Ann to stay and be their queen, but Ann knows she must go. After pulling the plug of Molemania’s stolen power, putting an end to the nation of organized crime, Ann and Lenny say goodbye to their friends and hike to the surface, never having seen anything more beautiful than the stars.

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