The Bent Sword (Signed Book)


Steffin is just an average peasant who has big dreams of becoming a knight and saving the world from the dangerous Lord Bore and his Box of Boredom. Too bad Lord Bore is just a made-up nemesis from Steffin’s childhood–or is he?

When a crazy old storyteller insists that Lord Bore is real, Steffin must take things in his own hands and begins a quest that will forever change his destiny. With the help of a few friends, Steffin is soon running away from bad guys, escaping prison, and infiltrating castles to woo princesses, all in the pursuit of adventure. But when his friends grow weary of the journey, Steffin is left to pull them back together in order to defeat Lord Bore before it’s too late.

This debut novel by Stephen Gashler will have you cheering Steffin on as he figures out the twists and turns that ultimately lead to Lord Bore and his minions. Filled with whimsical satire and hilarious situations, The Bent Sword will inspire any who have ever wondered why life isn’t more like a storybook.

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