Take My Death Away (Digital Album Download)


Sadie mourns the loss of her fiancee, David, who died in a tragic accident. Then one night she hears familiar violin-playing coming from the forest. Is it her imagination, or is David trying to contact her?

On the other side of the veil, David refuses to accept his death. He’s comforted by a spirit from a previous century named Eve, who harnesses the powers of the night to send David back in his old body. But the process is messy, and the magic wears off at dawn. As if that wasn’t hard enough, Eve has fallen in love with David. She tries to persuade him to forget about Sadie and join her in the great beyond. But nothing will sway David from coming back, even if it means making a pact with a suspicious salesman who may be working for the devil himself.

TAKE MY DEATH AWAY, written by award-winning authors Teresa and Stephen Gashler, is a musical romantic comedy. With up-beat blue grass music and haunting melodies, this family friendly show is perfect for the Halloween season. These are the original concepts of the music, as recorded by Steve and Teresa in 2016. To hear the more polished and complete 2020 cast album, go to https://greathalltheatrical.com/shop/take-my-death-away-digital-album/.

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