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Puking children – Catharsis – the Steve and Teresa Show

My children are puking everywhere, and all of us are sick … which, theoretically, should be lovely, excusing us from church tomorrow and all the duties of Mormondom. But alas, with two callings and home teaching appointments, there is no rest, sayeth the Lord, unto the wicked … or the righteous.

Having spent an exorbitant amount of last week’s Korean dinner, we were supposed to have a “no budget” weekend. But two little pizzas for a Friday night wouldn’t hurt, right? And then a little fast food this afternoon would hardly make a dent. And then we needed Cheetos and Oreos and soda and a movie for a proper Saturday night. We failed.

After a great puppet show at the Spanish Fork library, the debut of the new and improved Big, Bad TV puppet, I enjoyed the familiar feeling of catharsis that inevitably follows each of our shows, which are preceded by an almost equally inevitable conflict between Teresa and I, caused by the stress of the show and important matters such as whether or not Frumious the dragon (playing the role of Little Bunny Foo Foo) is bopping the field mice over the head too hard. Such are our martial conflicts, but after each show, we’re in love again, and we usually celebrate with burgers (we decided that we’re not actually ready to move on to the higher status of Subway patrons).

We decided that it’s time for an official name change. We’re no longer Your Imaginary Friends, we’re the Steve and Teresa Show.

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