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Puppet show at SCERA – read at LTUE – brilliant marketing – saber-toothed tiger

Last night was cool. Teresa took me to hear Donald Davis, Antonio Rocha, and Bill Lepp tell stories at Orem High. They were simply brilliant. It was a lot of fun. Today Teresa and I performed a puppet show, “Awesome Animal Adventures” at the SCERA theater. It was well attended, and I think we did great. Then I read at LTUE. It was great. I had a lot of fun rediscovering the Bent Sword, and I had my little audience laughing a lot. At a later panel I was watching, it suddenly occurred to me that the room was packed with hundreds of people, and I had hundreds of bookmarks I needed to get rid of. So I went to the person in the back and said, “Take one, pass it on.” The audience then proceeded to do all my marketing for me. It was brilliant! I actually only had about a hundred bookmarks with me, so I drove home, got more, and by the end of it all, I’d passed out about five-hundred bookmarks in the easiest way imaginable. I also locked myself out of my car. Luckily a saber-toothed tiger was there to help me pop the lock with his teeth. Teresa says I have to tell the real story. I called the UVU police, and they popped the lock.

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  1. I really enjoyed your reading at the LTUE conference, and I was happy to get a bookmark to help me follow up on your work. You have an impressive list of talents and credentials. I’m a film grad from BYU, so your film experience piqued my interest. Anyway, I thought your book was hilarious and intriguing. I run a reading rewards program for kids at our local elementary, and I’ll start recommending your book.

    1. Cool! Thanks for your comments.

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