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Puppet show concepts

Frumious versus the rabbit

Frumious the dragon insults rabbit. They agree to race. Rabbit, scared, consults wife. They come up with sneaky plan. In the race, rabbbit cheats by telling his wife to run ahead. Frumious thinks the wife is the rabbit, because he’s color blind. But by and by Frumious catches on and says to the rabbit, “You cheated. You aught to be ashamed of yourself.” From all the running, Frumious has become in great shape. He challenges the rabbit to a real race and puts him to shame. “You see, rabbit, intelligence is no substitute for good, old-fashioned work.”

The princess and the monkey

(An Indonesian tale) King dies and bequeaths the kingdom to younger sister. Older sister is mad and poisions younger sister’s soup. Younger sister gets spots and is thus unfit to rule. She’s banished and roams through jungle where she meets a magical monkey who does yoga. The monkey gives her a soup of his own which reverses the spots. Then the two of them go back to the kingom. The older sister protests with another detail. The monkey solves this problem. The older sister protests, saying, you can’t rule without a husband. At the monkey’s suggestion, the younger sister says, “I’m going to marry the monkey.” (The monkey’s master plan was to get her as a wife.) At that point, the older sister says, “Oh yeah? Well you’re not the only girl who can find a random animal who practices yoga and can solves all of yoru problems. She brings in the bird. The bird gives her a bowl of soup, saying, “Eat this. It will give you super strength.” The older sister, thus empowered, goes on a mighty rampage. The younger sister turns to the monkey, saying, “Quick, what’s your next solution?” The monkey admits that he’s out of ideas and that he just wanted to marry the girl. The girl and the monkey are forced to retaliate. She gives up the kingdom and decides to marry the monkey. Because sometimes life is about giving up what you want most and marrying monkeys. The End.

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