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Puppet Stage Model X2000

I finally finished my new puppet stage Model X2000  (with Teresa’s dedicated help). It’s been an arduous undertaking, including a plethora of trips to Home Depot and Lowes, and more money than I care to disclose. While my old puppet stage was ugly and took about 20 minutes of high stress to set up, my new stage is much prettier and takes about 1 minute to setup. Oh yeah.

I had my doubts about my show as I drove to a performance, but there was magic as I found myself manipulating the audience as smoothly as I manipulated the puppets, knowing just how to make them laugh on cue. It’s fun … when you’ve got the mechanics down. I still lack a trustworthy, easily ported sound system, so my throat is always raw by the end of a show. And my stage didn’t yet have a full implementation of the amazing elbow-matic bar, upon which I’ll be able to set my arms without any strain on my muscles, but that will be done by my next series of shows (tomorrow).

I certainly hope that performing will turn into a more significant part of my career. We shall see.

What’s with these Halloween stores that are popping up all throughout Utah? It’s July.

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