Puppet Videos

A Message from Lord Bore

Lord Bore, the dark wizard of boredom, dispels myths about him as found in the fantasy novel The Bent Sword by Stephen Gashler.

The Friendless Monkey and the Bee

The lonely monkey just wants to make a friend. Winner of the “Audience Choice Award” – 2010 LDS 24 Hour Film Festival

Queen of the Flies

Deanna’s trying to draw pictures of mermaids, when a couple of pesky flies invade her room. To convince them to leave, she must confront the terrible Queen of the Flies.

Puppetry Workshop

Stephen and Teresa Gashler were formerly offering a summer puppetry workshop for children, for which they made this video.

Dead Chicken Song

The story of a boy whose cruel mother caused the death of his pet chicken. I made the music, Maxed Out Puppetry made the video.

The Red Brian

Something wicked is taking over Brian’s house, framing him for all manner of misdeeds. Could it be the frightful doppelganger from his nightmares, the Red Brian?

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