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Rat race

Man, ever since I got my “real job”, it’s been hard not to view the world as a rat race. Suddenly knowing there’s a number attached to your annual worth, how can one not want up that number? And seeing one’s friends and family move on to higher education and more prestigious, intelligent, and exciting positions, how can one not want to compete? On one hand, the honors of men are worthless, you can’t take it with you, etc. But on the other hand, you can take your mind, your talents, and your experience, which is exactly what people pay you for. Hence it almost seems that the best way to prepare for the after life is to invest one’s self in an ambitious career path. I mean, what’s the purpose of life if not to improve one’s self? If one has locked himself into a position in which he’s no longer progressing, isn’t he more or less “damned” by the Mormon definition? Surely God wouldn’t settle for an entry-level position. He’s the most intelligent man in the universe. So why do we develop these damnable dogmas that it doesn’t matter what we do with our careers?

It’s not the money I covet, it’s the satisfaction of trailing ahead of my friends and watching them cough in my dust.

5 thoughts on “Rat race

  1. Haha. This is really good satire.

  2. I know what you mean. It’s immensely satisfying being the richest, best looking and most talented of all my friends. As much as it can occasionally make for an awkward conversation or two, it’s fun to watch everybody shrivel in the intense light of my splendor.

    Eat my dust, sucka.

  3. Bring it!

    Also, could we not tell Curts about this competition, he will cream us.

  4. Apparently Steve Stacy has already achieved godhood. It’s my feelings of inferiority beneath friends like him and Curtis that led me to write that post.

    So, Nef, shall we enter into a pact? How about everyone who’s wife isn’t wearing a mink coat in five years has to become the other’s full time gardener?

  5. Oh, stop. You give me too much credit (but only a little). Nay, I am no god (but I play one on TV!). It was more of a figurative light, even though it may have been a literal shrivel. We’ll see. Chumps.

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