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I got held back at work. When I made it to the house, Teresa was still making last minute preparations. We had too book the hour and fifteen minute drive to our show, leaving us less than fifteen minutes to setup. When we arrived, the house was packed. Our biggest concern was that baby Aspen was due for a feeding and would likely blow at any moment. Thankfully, my sister-inlaw Heather came along to help out. The show turned out to be magical. Teresa had made two new excellent puppets. I wrote some great scripts. We had the audience glued on us. We found that adding music helped a lot. Aspen never did explode. Our hard worked paid off. What a relief.

As we were cleaning up backstage and Teresa was feeding Aspen, Ariah was playing in the curtains, where other children were also lingering. She said to a little to girl, “Do you want to come through the curtains? … Sorry, you can’t.” As is tradition, we went out to eat as a celebration. In the past we were also so poor that our only choices were between McDonalds and Carl’s Jr. But as we drove along state street, and I surveyed the glowing marquees of the fast food industry, I had a wonderful realization: I’m all burgered out. We ate Subway, a symbol of moving in the world. Life is good.

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