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Screams and M&M's

We were having one of our usual struggles tonight over Ariah’s dinner. She refused to eat, and we, in turn, denied her the boon of M&M’s for desert. Finally Teresa threatened her with, “All right, we’re going to eat your M&M’s now.” – “Okay,” she responded. “Okay”?” said Teresa. “Yep,” said Ariah. So Teresa sent me to get the M&M’s, and I sang my evil, “judgment is upon you” music as I did so.” Ariah protested, saying, “You don’t need to sing your evil song.” So I sang a nice song instead, impressing by her sudden sense of coolness in the face of self denial. Then we opened the M&M’s and started to eat them, and Ariah, either no longer able to continue the facade under the pressure, or having never fully understood, burst into screams. It is a constant battle at our house.

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