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Shopping cart litter bugs

I remember being in a Gospel Principles class a few years ago, and we were discussing the subject of charity. I made the point that charity was in the little things, such as putting shopping carts away after using them at grocery stores, emphasizing that if everyone practices such decency, society would be a much better place. A woman in the class agreed with me though added that charity also requires not being quick to judge those who don’t put their carts away. Such a person could be a mother with her arms full of children who simply is not in a feasible position to do so. Though I held my peace, I thought hers was a weak argument.

Interestingly, this exact circumstance occurred to me at the grocery store today. For my third time, I found myself at Winco with a cart full of groceries before remembering that the place doesn’t except credit cards, and having lost my debit card, I had to go home to get Teresa’s. As I fanangled my way through the awful situation while juggling two kids (one throwing a tantrum, the other in a heavy car seat), I realized that I was simply unable to put my cart away … I, who for years had prided myself as the pinnacle of moral excellence when it comes to shopping carts. It was a difficult decision, but in the end, I had to swallow my pride and join the ranks of shopping cart litter bugs, once again learning the age-old lesson: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

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  1. I left my first shopping cart in the parking lot as well not too long ago. I’ve put two carts away enough times that I think I’m still covered.

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