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In which I speak of glorious things happening on Youtube and Patreon plus an earth-shattering announcement

So … it’s been over a year since I posted last. Stinking life keeps happening (my mean attempt of blaming my lack of initiative on exterior forces). The truth of the matter is, my Youtube channel replaced my blog. After putting so much time and energy into my projects, it seemed that the projects should speak for themselves, and there was little left to write about it. Now, however, I’m moving toward Patreon as a place for connecting with friends and fans about my creative works. Consequently, I recently used Patreon to post the videos that showcase everything I’ve been up to over the last few years, and I’d love for you to check it out:

Do you like parkour, Nintendo fan films, and viking rock operas? Would you like to see more houses turned into Zelda dungeons, more twelfth century Arthurian ballads, and more full-length musicals about singing, dancing bums? If you also believe that life is a video game that should be romanticized and enjoyed, then we invite you to become a patron of the Gashler Family. Whether you can pledge one or a hundred dollars, a community of supporters, teamed up with passionate artists, can go a long way.

We are a “Renaissance family” of artists, athletes, visionaries, and doers with a flare for the fun and fantastic. Our creations take the form of music, videos, plays, stories, novels, picture books, audio books, puppet shows, concerts, and more. With over ten audience choice awards, thousands of Youtube subscribers, and millions of views, we love to create and perform, and it seems that our audiences love it too.

Our mission is to entertain and inspire. We believe that the majority of life’s problems aren’t solved by systems and policies but by individuals and families with healthy senses of humor. We want to show to the world what a happy “unschooling” family looks like. We want to encourage kids from one to ninety-two to “jump into the air” and pursue their dreams.

Likewise, we’ve taken a leap of faith toward financial independence. Unfortunately, our revenue from books, music, and videos are barely enough to cover production costs. Our hope is that connecting to a community of patrons will be a win-win, empowering us to create more awesome stuff for the community and to become a stronger force for good. Your support will help us make bigger and better creations and take them much further. Together we’ll make it happen.

With Patreon and Youtube as more centralized and productive platforms for publishing my creative works and connecting with audiences, I’m going to tentatively retire this blog for now (though I will continue to sell and give away my products on this site). If you like what I do (I don’t know why else you’d still be reading this far), I hope you’ll subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven’t already ( and and consider becoming a patron on Patreon ( You know how it goes with new projects: no one wants to support them unless others are already doing so, so even a temporary pledge could go a long way.


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