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Storytelling ain't easy

It’s been a weekend full of fun, wisdom, friends, magic, and love, one our favorite times of the year: the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. On Friday Teresa and I performed a puppet show (“Amazing Animal Adventures”), and today, as 3rd place in the Utah’s Biggest Liar contest, I told my cross-dressing story in one of the tents. Though, in preparation, I’d gone over the story many times and even done a little yoga, I wasn’t prepared for the shock of standing on a storyteller’s platform for the first time and seeing an expectant audience staring back at me. There’s something awe-inspiring about it, knowing I was standing where so many other great storytellers had. Up until that moment, I’d underestimated the skill of storytelling. It’s just talking into a microphone, right? Wrong. It took all my concentration to keep my mind and body from locking up. Though I pulled it off all right and only received positive feedback, as I stepped down from the platform, I knew my journey into this exciting, new world had only begun.

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